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Course Curriculum

প্রথম ক্লাস
কার্টুন কী, কেন এবং কিভাবে? Details 1 week, 3 days
দ্বিতীয় ক্লাস
আইডিয়া, আইডিয়া এবং আইডিয়া Details 00:00:00
তৃতীয় ক্লাস
এক্সপ্রেশন Details 00:00:00
চতুর্থ ক্লাস
বিভিন্ন ভঙ্গীতে ফিগার, থ্রিডি ও টুডি ফর্ম Details 00:00:00
পঞ্চম ক্লাস
কম্পোজিশন – ডায়ালগ বেলুন ও ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ড Details 00:00:00
ষষ্ঠ ক্লাস
রং Details 00:00:00

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  1. 5

    Fantastic and mind-blowing course from the master artist(s) of Bangladesh. This course will teach you in the easiest way how to get an idea and turn that idea in a cartoon in a professional way. Though it was a basic course some advance and pro-level tips and tricks such as (3d form, composition, color) were discussed in the most simplified way. The most amazing part was individual video feedback which helps anyone gradually improve during the course. Must be recommended for the beginner or aspiring cartoon artist.

  2. 5

    Really enjoyed the course. It has been a privilege. All my fears of expressing myself through drawing and making too many mistakes or tendency of complicating things went away after taking this course. The feedback and classes were very interactive, helpful, and encouraging. It was a great experience to get the scope of getting connected with the inspiring mentor beneath the celebrated signature and printed name of the artist of my favorite cartoons and publications. It was at the same time a great scope to get connected with an active artist/artistic collectives. Might sound over the top, but I have to admit that, I have became a bigger fan of Mehedi Haque through this experience. (Also, got the chance to call him Mehedi Vai rightfully 😬)
    Best regards to the team.

  3. 5

    This is great course to give you head start if you are planning to start drawing also if you already have an idea on how to draw, this course gives you a chance to rediscover some basics/ techniques. This has been very helpful to me specially the feedbacks I am looking forward to more upcoming courses.

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